What format you deliver these accounts on?

Answer- As per customer requirement but mostly we use ms word and Excel.

How Long Will it Take To Get My Package?

Answer- Mostly we send delivery instantly or a maximum of 1 hour. if the order is 100 – 1000 then it will take 6 hours.

How long the accounts take to get it on my email after payment?

Answer- Maximum 5 to 10 minutes but if stock is not available then 3 to 6 hours maximum.

Are these USA verified Gmail accounts?

Answer- Yes, accounts are USA verified but we delete numbers after verifying end created with USA proxy but you can use them all over the would 1 IP maximum 10 accounts then clear your browser end cookies.

Do you accept Custom Orders?

Answeryes we accept custom orders that price is different than regular you should have to contact us by skype, email & chatbox of the website.

Your products is manual or created by tools?

Answer – Our product is 100% manual we have a team with 11 members. they create the account manually for you.

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